Dong-A Dementia Center is determined to strive to provide 
				hope to dementia patients and their families by discovering and developing innovative therapies.
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Small molecule drugs

In the pursuit of new chemical entities, our research
interest covers the entire spectrum spanning from
target validation and lead discovery to candidate
selection and clinical development as well as drug
repositioning. We strive in the short term to deliver
a new, improved drug that delays cognitive decline.

At the same time, for the long howl, we also invest
in the search for innovative
, disease-modifying
therapeutics where we focus on testing a variety of
state-of-the-art hypotheses in such areas as autophagy

and neuroinflammation.

Current projects and status

  • Neuroinflammation (exploratory)
  • Autophagy and lysosomal pathway (exploratory)
  • Brain insulin resistance (lead discovery)
  • Drug repositioning in cognitive enhancement (evaluating efficacies)