Dong-A Dementia Center is determined to strive to provide 
				hope to dementia patients and their families by discovering and developing innovative therapies.
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Dong-A Dementia Center is a research institute dedicated to discovering
and developing therapies for dementia,
through which it aspires to help make
happier family and healthier society.

Dong-A Dementia Center was founded by Dong-A Socio Holdings as the first private institute devoted to
dementia research. Its mission is to discover and develop disease-modifying therapies for dementia,
which still remains a critically unmet medical need.

As we approach to our mission in a diversified, multidisciplinary way covering small molecules, stem cells,
vaccines, and medical devices, we will establish an open-collaborative relationship with universities, hospitals,
and government-funded research institutes and continue to invest in research as well as in staffing world class

Dong-A Dementia Center Partnership : 
								Universities,Government-funded Research Institutes,Private Companies,Hospitals

Organizational Structure

Dong-A Dementia Center : 1. Scientific Advisory Board(Consists of independent 
								key experts in the field, Evaluates project progression and provides scientific and medical advices, 2. Steering Committee : Consists of the executive director
								and directors of Dong-A Socio R&D Center; Makes strategic decisions on the operation of the Center , 3. Secretariat : Consists of project team leaders; 
								Drives and updates each project and performs administrative work on external collaborations

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Seol-Heui Han
    Seol-Heui Han
    Center for Geriatric Neuroscience Research,
    Institute for Bioscience and Technology,
    Konkuk University
    Seol-Heui Han Biography
  • Duk L. Na
    Duk L. Na
    Director of Neuroscience Center
    Samsung Medical Center
    Duk L. Na Biography
  • Dennis Choi
    Dennis Choi
    Stony Brook Neurosciences Institute
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