Dong-A Dementia Center is determined to strive to provide 
				hope to dementia patients and their families by discovering and developing innovative therapies.
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President’s Welcome

We are committed to provide hope to dementia patients
and their families by developing innovative therapies.

Thank you for visiting the homepage
of Dong-A Dementia Center.

As our society is aging rapidly, the population of 65 or over
has reached 6 million (12%), of which 570,000
are suffering from dementia.

Dementia is a terrible disease that ravages not only
the patient himself but also the lives of his close ones.
It brings about emotional as well as financial agony
to the entire family that often leads to its destruction.

While the societal burden dementia causes is
becoming increasingly problematic, there still
is no cure for the disease other than drugs that
marginally delays its symptomatic progression.

In order to help ease the pain that dementia patients and their family are suffering, Dong-A Socio Group
has instituted Dong-A Dementia Center that will dedicate its effort to discover and develop innovative therapies
for dementia. It will be a long and arduous challenge to invent a new medicine that can address the fundamental
cause of the disease. Nevertheless, it is the Dong-A Socio Group’s societal responsibility to incessantly discover
and develop curative medicine for those who are suffering from such debilitating diseases.

Dong-A Dementia Center is established on that very mission.
We are striving to develop innovative therapies for dementia through collaborating with major research institutes
and key academic researchers across the world.

Your continued interest and support for Dong-A Dementia Center is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

President of Dong-A Dementia Center
Kang, Shin Ho

Kang, Shin Ho